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I recently relocated from Texas to California and was in need of a moving company to transport my furniture. After contacting several companies and pressed for time, I chose PUMA Van Lines of Dallas, Texas.

In the beginning I received several quotes and they were really inviting of the price, so I asked for a rep to come out and do an assessment of all furniture to pack, move and transport. As I agreed to go with the final quote, I decided to have a friend pack the majority of my furniture as he was experienced and my furniture was very new and didn't want anything scratched. PUMA Van Lines showed up as agreed and I watched them wrap up all my furniture that wasn't in boxes. Some where between the transport to a larger trailer, my furniture was damaged.

My clothes showed up (that was securely taped up in a wardrobe box) with grease from a gas grill all over them, as well as my gas grill completely damaged. They took the screws and grease pan and threw the items in the wardrobe box. They looked as if they rummaged through my boxes as they were open. I can't begin to tell you all my new furniture that showed up was nearly destroyed, cracked dryer at the control panel, dented refrigerator, scratched and dented table legs, bottom of new sofa slit across, etc.

What made me so mad about the staff at PUMA is that when I kept asking for information on claims for reimbursement, they made as if they had problems with their phone lines. I'm so hurt behind this and although it's material items that can be replaced, it's just the negligence of how people just don't care about your possessions. I would not let this company in the future move a bicycle for me across the street, because when it arrives, a wheel may be missing! Poor service, need to shut down business.

That's what happens when you try and get something less than the original carriers. Even after I may have to wait forever to get the insurance reimbursement, I would want them to reimburse me the monies I paid as they did not provide any good service at all, I'm so upset.

Product or Service Mentioned: Puma Van Lines Moving Service.

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Arlington, Texas, United States #604459

I wished I had read your review before I used them. They not only took apart my recliner to use up more time for the move but damaged everything that I asked them to be careful with.

I hope you settlement was for more than mine. They sent me a letter for $15.00 on the damages done to more that $5000.00 of repair work not only the fact it can not be resold or insured now.

:( I feel violated again. Took 3 extra more hours to do my 28 mile trip and damaged my furninture then just laughed in my face with a settlement of $15.00 really folks

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