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Update by user Aug 29, 2016

After posting my negative reviews, the owner of Puma reached out to me and finally offered to cover the damage to my floors. They have mailed me, and I have received a check to cover the damages. While I am happy to finally have this all resolved, I hate that it took this long and this many steps to find a solution.

Original review posted by user Aug 10, 2016

If you hire Puma, just hope they don't do any damage to your house, because they will ignore you, not care about the damage, and then imply that you did the damage yourself.

I recently moved from DFW, TX to Indiana. At the start, Puma seemed like a great choice. The lady I talked to book my move was super nice, and the movers who came in Texas to load up my stuff were very nice. One thing that mildly annoyed me was that I had been upfront from the beginning that I had a piano to move. And when we were reviewing my contract in Texas, I found out I had to pay an additional fee on top of what was quoted to me because the piano was considered a heavy item. We agreed on a fee, I asked if it covered pickup and delivery, and the mover said yes. I just wish I had had some warning that there was going to be an extra fee since everyone knew that I was moving a piano.

All the trouble started when the movers arrived with my stuff in Indiana. It wasn't Puma guys; the move had been contracted out to Allied Movers. And the guy was the rudest individual I have ever encountered in my life. The first thing he asks me is why I only paid X amount to have my piano moved. I said it’s what Puma had said I owed, so that's what I paid. He said it wasn't enough money, and that if I wanted my piano moved into my house, I needed to pay him another $100 to move the piano in my house. I refused, mainly because I didn't have an extra $100 laying around to pay him, but also because I had signed a contract stating what was owed, and that's what I paid. If he had an issue with the price charged, he needed to take it up with Puma. In the end, he literally left my piano on the side walk and my fiancé and I had to move it into the house ourselves (without causing any damage to our house or floors).

The other main issue I had was that I had a couch that was being moved. I wanted the couch put in the basement, because I was moving in with my fiancé and he had two couches in his living room already. Admittedly, to get into the basement it’s a sharp turn through the kitchen, but I didn't think it would be too much of a hassle to move the couch. He looked at the couch, looked at the door to the basement and declared there was no way it would fit, it was much too large, and refused to move it down. So we had him leave the couch in the living room (with two other couches and a TV, and entertainment stand - there was hardly room to walk with all the furniture) until we could figure out what we wanted to do with it. While moving the couch in the living room, they scooted the couch across the floor and left a huge (almost 1/2 the length of the room) gash in our floors. My fiancé had just had brand new vinyl floor installed 3 weeks before I moved up there. Then they left another smaller gash when they put my dresser on the floor. At the time, I pointed out the gash to the mover, and his response to me was "Eh, it happens. At least we haven't damaged your walls." Really?! No apology, just at least we haven't done more damage? I took a picture at that time of the damage. (About a week after the movers were there, we got tired of climbing over the couch, measured it, and moved it down into the basement with very little difficulty and without causing any further damage to our floors.) This was all at 6 pm on Memorial Day, so I didn't call any one at that time because I knew no one would be in the office.

The very next morning I called Puma with all my complaints about the delivery and their driver. I spoke with Cecilia and at first she was very sympathetic, "Oh, I'm so sorry you had that happen, we'll talk with the driver, I'll pass your info on and someone will call you back this afternoon". No one ever called back. I called back several more times and emailed pictures of the damage and a quote from the flooring company, and despite promises of someone will call you back today, no one ever did. I finally filed a complaint with the BBB and they still are steadfastly refusing to pay for the damage to my floors. They say it’s because I didn't leave the furniture where the movers left it. On the side walk and in the middle of my living room. They say the mover is denying causing the damage. Even though I pointed it out to it and they have the time stamp of the pictures that show they were taken while the movers where still at my house. They implied that I caused the damage myself moving the couch. A week after my first phone call complaining about the rudeness and damage to my floors.

So unless you want to be called a liar and accused of trying to milk the system for money, and being completely ignored, I recommend you NOT go with Puma Van Lines.

Pictures attached: Time stamp of picture, two pictures of the damage done to our floors, and picture of the living room before I moved in to show how tight it was in the living room with a third couch.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any) as the author lost $865. smacd726 is overall dissatisfied with Puma Van Lines and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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